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Tac-Gel. Seemingly innocuous, but actually quite brilliant.

I am often asked what electrode(s) I like the best, and people are often surprised when I say that I quite like the simple gel pads.  They are easy to use, can be applied just about anywhere, and are inexpensive so I can use a fresh set on anyone I happen to play with.

If you are using them on yourself though, you may not WANT to use a fresh pair.  After all, $10 bucks a pair can get pretty pricey if you can’t re-use something, and that is the beauty of Tac-Gel.  A dollop of this stuff on a pad that is no longer sticky and you’re good to go again.  It’s pretty awesome.

Generally you can get a few uses out of a set of pads before they lose their “stick”, and even then you can bring some of it back simply by running them under cool water and gently running a finger over them to get rid of any surface impurities.

After a while though, you’ll need more than that and a $12 tube of this stuff turns your $10-$15 set of gel pads into a toy you can use over and over and over and over and ov…you get the idea!

You can find TacGel here:

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More electro , my favorite torture (that’s me)

Looks like someone is having fun!
Look carefully at the dials…the power is a little more than halfway up; wonder how long it will take for him to shoot?

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I have been experimenting with e-stim for about 6 months now. Have a new unit, pads, straps and penis rings. I am wanting to achieve a hands free orgasm and having trouble. Any suggestions of sites to help with techniques? I can get an erection but no orgasm.
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Hi there-

 I wish I could say there was a “one size fits all” approach to e-stim, and that every time you wired up that you were guaranteed to have a mind blowing, earth shattering hands free orgasm, but the reality is that sex is never like that.

First off, I recommend that you focus on enjoying the journey, and not be in such a hurry to reach the destination.  Relax.  Take a deep breath. Really focus on what you are experiencing. When you first hook yourself up, what do you feel?  Is your mind actively engaged in what your body is experiencing, or is it already anticipating the next stimuli? I know it sounds like I am over simplifying things, but give it a try.

Now you can turn on the power.  What does that feel like?  No, what does it REALLY feel like?  Where is the sensation coming from? How far is it spreading? What does each pulse do to/for you?

Actively engage in pleasure.

Don’t just randomly switch through the settings.  Take the time to figure out the nuances of each mode and how your body responds to each of them.

Let go. Enjoy the feeling.  Try to resist the urge to reach down and stroke your cock. This is all about experimenting, and you can’t have a different outcome if you keep doing the same thing.

Once you have gotten in tune with your body and how e-stim affects you, you can start switching it up.  You may find that you enjoy some prostate stimulation in addition to the cock and ball toys you mentioned.  There really is no right or wrong way to experience pleasure, so do what makes you feel good.

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Great setup! Looks like someone is in for some serious fun…

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Welcome aboard!

I don’t always welcome new followers, and if you are one that I haven’t greeted personally, consider this a friendly hello.
I love hearing feedback, so if you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to drop a line.

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What Does E-Stim Feel Like?

As good an answer one could hope for without actually feeling the real deal.
Definitely worth listening to!

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"…Before I did that I wanna know how it feels like and what percent of signals cause pain. For example, 10 pain and 90 pleasure"

Pain and pleasure. Often they are two sides of the same coin, but to properly address the question, we need to understand a few principles about e-stim.

There are a number of factors that will affect the sensation: Intensity, Pulse Width, Electrode Size, Placement and Resistance.  Please know that these are not the only factors that will affect your e-stim experience, but these are (in my mind) the big ones.

Intensity. Are you speaking softly or shouting? It really is that simple.  The lower the intensity, the less sensation you will feel.  Turn it up too high and you may not like the results. If you take your time and find the sweet spot, you will enjoy the sensation.

Pulse Width. Imagine standing on the seashore watching the waves crashing onto the sand.  E-stim pulses are just like those waves as they connect with your body.  If they are too close together, they can be overwhelming.  Spread out too far, they can be boring.  Take the time to adjust your unit so you can enjoy each of the individual pulses. Generally, you should start out in the middle and make very slight adjustments until you find what works for you.

Electrode Size.  This one is important, and requires that we understand the importance of having both negative and positive poles.  I’ll get to the size issue soon, but first we need to talk about negative and positive.  For our purposes, you can largely ignore them, so long as you understand that electricity will only flow through a complete circuit and in order to have a complete circuit you need both an outbound and inbound direction. Bi-Polar toys will have two conductive surfaces that are separated by some type of insulator. Both wires will connect to the toy and you are good to go. Mono-Pole toys, on the other hand, have only one conductive  surface and must be paired up with a second toy in order to complete that circuit that we discussed. 

This is where size matters.  If you have a small electrode that you pair with a larger electrode, then you will have an unbalanced output.  The smaller electrode will feel much more intense because of the smaller surface area.  The same amount of current will be delivered to each electrode/toy, but due to the different surface areas, the smaller toy will feel much more intense while you may not think anything is coming out of the larger toy.

Placement. Some areas of the body are simply more sensitive than others.  A gel pad will feel more intense on the head of your dick than it will on your butt, no matter what the intensity level is set at.  There are more nerve endings to send pleasure signals to the brain in the head of your dick than there are in your buttocks, so naturally you will feel one much more keenly than the other.  Because of this principle, if you are planning to use mono-polar electrodes, you have to be careful where you place them. (As a side note, never use mono-pole toys above the waist. Find some other way to stimulate those nipples!)

Resistance. Resistance is how conductive a given material is.  Ceramic is a good example of a non-conductive material (ceramic resistors, anyone?), while aluminum has virtually no resistance whatsoever.  

ElectraStim out of the UK has some truly fantastic aluminum plugs that feel incredible, and some beautiful rubber plugs that feel…well, not so incredible.  The reason that one feel so amazing while the other just kind of hurts is due to the resistance.  Remember the wave analogy earlier? It comes into play here as well. With low resistance, most if not all of the electrical pulse, or wave is felt. With high resistance, only the peak, or crest of the wave is felt which tends to be a stinging sensation.

Resistance isn’t something that will come up very often, since most toys tend to be made of aluminum or other highly conductive materials.  When in doubt, stick to metal toys and you can’t go wrong.

The last important distinction between pain and pleasure is purely personal. Is your mind engaged? Are you very sensitive to the lightest sensations, or are you turned on by more intense sensations? It may take a bit of experimenting, but in time you will find the goldilocks combo that is “just right”.

Have fun!

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I discovered my toaster wasn’t waterproof today.
I was shocked!
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I have been curious about this fetish. Would like to be on the receiving end. What is it like?
sheilahsaysblog asked

E-stim is a little bit difficult to describe since it is something that really needs to be felt, but that being said, I’ll give it a whirl.

Basically, electro-stimulation (E-stim) uses electrical current to stimulate nerve endings.  That may sound a bit scary, but consider that the human body is constantly receiving stimuli that is received by the nerves, transmitted to the brain, and processed as pain, pleasure, etc.  The feeling of cool water is vastly different than that of warm sunshine, and each can be either pleasant or harmful.  E-stim is simply another way to stimulate the body.

But what does it feel like?

Some people assume that it is like a vibrator, but in truth they are apples and oranges.  Yes, it can create a sensation of movement due to the nerves involuntary reaction, but in truth there is no actual movement.

But you still haven’t described the feeling!

Maybe some background explanation will help.  Electrical stimulation has been around since the beginning of the 20th century to “promote health and vigor” (

Today, TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) units are used extensively in pain management.  Basically the idea is to overwhelm the nerve endings so that the brain temporarily stops responding to that area and no longer processes any pain signals leaving the user with a numb sensation.  Unfortunately, most of the e-stim units being marketed as sex toys fit into this category due to the way that the signals are generated. A TENS unit produces a static ON/Off signal, and while it can be varied somewhat, the end result tends to sting a bit before it causes the temporary numbness.  FORTUNATELY, not all e-stim devices are built this way!  The key to pleasant e-stim is a unit that generates a true wave form.

You can think of it in terms of a Dot-Matrix printer sitting next to a modern laser printer.  Both are capable of producing a curve, but one will show a series of steps, while one will produce a clean line that is more pleasing.  We are going for pleasure here, so the choice is obvious.

If you do decide to take the plunge, please, please, pretty please don’t cheat yourself by going for a cheap TENS unit.

If you want to know more, just ask. I will be happy to help if I can, or you can call the guys at Mr. S or ErosTek for more info.

Have fun!

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The boy was tired and aching and his cock had shriveled to nothing. "You can do this. Do it for me" the Man whispered…and just like magic, the boys cock rose to full mast again. Sure it hurt, but wasn’t satisfying Him worth a bit of pain??

The boy was tired and aching and his cock had shriveled to nothing.
"You can do this. Do it for me" the Man whispered…and just like magic, the boys cock rose to full mast again. Sure it hurt, but wasn’t satisfying Him worth a bit of pain??

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We Need To Talk About Butt Sex

For some reason, the topic of cleaning out has come up a lot lately.

I am always a bit surprised at both the reluctance to discuss the matter, and  the lack of good information available online.  Sure, you can do a google search and find all sorts of info on the topic, but a lot of it is geared toward women exploring anal play for the first time, or hardcore fisting bottoms.

I came across this article and it was just too good not to share.

It makes for an interesting read, if nothing else :-)

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Why 2 Wires?

A great explanation about how to hook up your power unit. Well stated and definitely worth a read.

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Stim-Show: Episode 1

A cool video demo from ErosTek

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E-Stim Intro

There are many roads leading to erotic pleasure and many of us are too familiar with the standard methods. The hand works and is always ready. We can count on that one. Being with another person has its own challenges and rewards. Where does electro-sex fit into the landscape of erotic pleasure?

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I love how the black and white makes this shot so timeless…
Much like the mix of pain and pleasure will make this boys shots so timely.

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